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Lost and found

Hildegard Bastin, 2010-05-26

SILVA compass (red cord)


Michael Hock, 2010-05-24

The 3 Days are over. Thank you for your participation!
All the results are online; more photos will follow in the next days.

Start list

Michael Hock, 2010-05-13

The start times are now available here.


Olivier Chattlain, 2010-05-13

Your will receive the programme book at the reception. You can already download it here.


Olivier Chattlain, 2010-05-13

We have to cancel the galadinner.


Michael Hock, 2010-05-02

Registration is closed. Please check HERE your data and send your corrections to


Hildegard Bastin, 2010-04-19

We accept new registrations til the 1st of May 2010.
D/H >= 1992 45 € D/H <= 1991 60 €


Sylvia Hennes, 2010-04-10

We offer accommodation in a conference centre (youth hostel style) 10 km from the CC and close to stage 1 & 2. There are 6 beds in each big, modern room (no bunk beds).
Price for B&B: 19 €/ night/ person. Supper can be offered if at least 25 people take it.
Make your reservation now to


Michael, 2010-03-30

We decided to extend the 2nd registration deadline until Sunday, 11th April 2010 . Take advantage!


Michael, 2010-02-07

Don't miss the next entry deadline on Wednesday 31st March 2010 !


Olivier Chattlain, 2010-01-28

Registration Deadline at the best price: Sunday the 31.01.2010 !

Site updates

Olivier Chattlain, 2010-01-23

We have added information about:
- camping;
- sprint and training costs;
- classes and winning times;
- World Ranking Event.

Terrain photos

Olivier Chattlain, 2009-06-20

We have uploaded some photos of the terrain

Previous edition

mho, 2008-06-03

While waiting for more news: why not check the results and pictures from the 3 Days of Belgium 2001?

Site is open

Olivier Chattlain, 2008-05-14

Creation of the website of the 3 Days of Belgium 2010.